Task manager, which works with Google Tasks. It designed to be simple and effective by using all the power of available gestures.


Whole app was created by me (except some graphics and icons). It’s my free-time project aimed to bring something simple and useful into this world.

Download from the AppStore.
Visit official website.


Free real time messaging service from eBuddy. Send text, pictures, videos, emoticons and more.

XMS - Unlimited messaging

Being an employee of eBuddy I was part of the iOS team working on its own XMS app and on Tellit messenger for a Japanese company GREE.

Our development process was based on Scrum methodology. It was the first time I used it and I’d like to say that I like it.

I practiced and took part in:

  • Code reviews
  • Code design workshops
  • Peer programming
  • TDD and dependency injection
  • Step by step refactoring of core components to improve code readability and add quality
  • Profiling the app to reveal bottlenecks and fix them


iOS application for The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. Discover and learn more about world’s greatest masterpieces. Download additional content from the store inside the app.


The goal was to be able to download and update collections of exibits from the store in the app. For that purpose I developed backend component to store and distribute collections. It also checks for errors and prepares collections before adding to the storage.

Application logic for iPhone version and most of the UI components were developed by me.

Download from the AppStore.

Belonika Recipes

Recipe catalogue from Nika Belotserkovskaya (Belonika) with step by step instructions, monthly updates and additional features.

I was the main developer of the app and also helped developing backend storage for recipes.

Download from the AppStore.

RURU – Payment System

Transfer payments to cellular, internet, television and more with only a few taps. View transactions history and save favorite payments for later use.

The app breaks forms into steps and let the user to focus on each field. Using masks for text fields simplify the process of entering information.

The app is available only in Russian AppStore.


iPad based taxi driver workstation. Drivers can create, receive and modify orders. The app posts car and order status to server, calculates cost based on per-minute and per-km prices for chosen tariff. Passengers can pay with credit card using bluetooth terminal.

The app is distributed using enterprise account.

FC Zenit

Official Football Club Zenit application for iPhone includes all the club and team news, video highlights of games and press conferences, fixtures and results for Zenit and other Russian Premier League teams, players’ profiles and stats, minute-by-minute text onlines, photos.

Download from the AppStore.